Guatemala El Cerrito

Cooperative Coffee

Aldea El Cerrito is a small town located in the municipality of Fraijanes. The cooperative itself is made up of 34 members and was formed with the mission of helping boost the local economy. The president of the cooperative, Hector Zetino, has been a strong driving force for improvement of the co-op. He has helped establish consistency in the quality of the coffee and a reliable name behind the commercialization of their product. Hector and ¨Cooperativa El Cerrito¨ have become one of our primary partners in producing quality coffee and improving our community of Fraijanes.

Country: Guatemala
Region: Fraijanes
Altitude: 1.630 masl
Owner: San Victor
Washing Station: Beneficio de Café San Victor
Cooperative: El Cerrito
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This well balanced coffee has a creamy body, malic acidity, and a clean aftertaste with flavors of milk chocolate, caramel, red apple, and cherry.

Caramel Milk Chocolate Red Apple Cherry
Variety: Caturra
Processing: washed
Grade: SHB EP
Body: Creamy
Acidity: Malic
Aftertaste: Long-lasting
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