Indonesia Java Pancoer Estate

Farm Coffee

This exquisite coffee comes from one of the four major estates in Java, the Pancoer Estate. Built in 1894, this farm has had a long and rich history of producing some of the best coffee in Indonesia. It is currently 1,104 hectares large, which yields approximately 350 tons of high quality coffee per year. The main harvest period lasts from May-July and will continue through September. This coffee is carefully hand-picked and goes through a washed process before it reaches the sun drying racks. Java Pancoer is recognized for having chocolate notes, spice, and sweet earthy tones.

Country: Indonesia
Region: Ijen Plateau, East Java Island
Farm: Pancoer Estate
Farm Size: 1.104 ha
Altitude: 650 - 1.550 masl
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This coffee has a smooth body, a medium acidity, earthy, peppery notes as well as sweet chocolate flavors.

Pepper Chocolate
Variety: Typica
Processing: washed
Body: Smooth
Acidity: Medium