Nicaragua Finca La Pavona

Farm Coffee

Ulrich Salamun produces first rate coffee on his “Finca Los Andes”, but he confesses that he always refers to it by its regional name as “Finca La Pavona”. The Austrian Ulrich Salamun, who is also known for his comedian group “maschek.”, is growing coffee in Nicaragua since 2003. The coffee is pulped, fermented, washed and pre-dried on the farm, then transported to the family owned Dry Mill, where it is sun dried and – after a period of rest of at least six weeks – hulled and carefully prepared for exportation.

Country: Nicaragua
Region: La Pavona, Jinotega
Farm: Finca Los Andes, La Pavona
Farm Size: 50 ha
Altitude: 1.100-1.300 masl
Owner: Mag. U. Salamun & Dr. S. Khalil
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A marvelous view of the mountains of Jinotega and an endless sky with fast moving clouds in a cool breeze are the natural settings in which this first rate coffee is grown in midst of subtropical creeks and hills. It forms a harmonious symbiosis of vanilla with citrus fruit with a distinctly chocolate ending.

Citrus Vanilla Chocolate
Variety: Paca, Caturra, Red Catuai
Processing: hand-picked, hand-pulped, washed, sun-dried, fermented
Screen Size: >16
Type of packaging: GrainPro, Jute
Body: Good
Acidity: Citric
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