Papua New Guinea Kenta Plantation Mill

Regional Coffee

With the era of privately owned plantation estates in PNG coming to an end, we see new opportunities arising to deliver the same unique coffee and quality through a modernized and inclusive supply chain. Although a relatively new initiative, the buying and milling operation that create our Kenta Coffee is a prime example of how a well located (wet)mill sup-ports the local communities that now own, operate, and maintain the amazing quality of the plantation estates from PNG’s pre-independence era.
The Kenta mill and its coffee are suitably named after the Kenta community where it is located. You can find Kenta village at a convenient 15-minute drive north from the Kagamuga (Mt. Hagen) airport, in the Western Highlands. The mill is beautifully situ-ated at the foothills of Mt. Ambra and surrounded by stunning mountain ranges and an impressive acre-age of former plantation blocks.
The Kenta area is a part of the vast Waghi Valley; the heart of PNG’s plantation estate region spanning across the Western Highlands and Jiwaka Provinc-es. Even more so, the Waghi Valley area has the highest density of (former) plantation blocks in the country. During PNG’s colonial era this was ‘ground zero’ of many well managed and immaculately mani-cured plantation estates.

Country: Papua New Guinea
Region: Kenta, Waghi Valleys, Western Highlands
Altitude: 1.600 - 1.850 masl
Washing Station: Kenta Wet Mill
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This coffee has a malic acidity, velvet body and notes of stone fruits and eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus Stone Fruits
Variety: Arusha, Bourbon, Typica
Processing: dry fermented, washed
Body: Velvety
Acidity: Malic
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