Tanzania Ngila Coffee Estate – Natural

Farm Coffee

Ngila Coffee Estate is situated in the Karatu District on the slopes of the Ngorongoro crater and surrounded by the Ngila Forest reserve. It was started in the 20th century by a German family and later taken by British farmers after the 2nd world war, who in 1990 sold it to a German Family, Ruldolf Meyer. Since then the coffee area has expanded, irrigation technology and new processing equipment installed. Since more than 10 years Ngila coffee has found recognition as one of the finest washed Arabica coffees from Ngorongoro crater. The water of the Endoro stream, coming from Ngorongoro National Park is enhancing Ngila´s finest coffee.

Country: Tanzania
Region: Karatu District
Farm: Ngila Coffee Estate
Farm Size: 100 ha
Altitude: 1.600-1.800 masl
Owner: Vera Stücker
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A coffee with a decent acidity and high sweetness, creamy body and flavours of ripe tropical fruits.

Tropical Fruits Dried fruits
Variety: Kent, N&K varieties, Bourbon
Processing: natural
Grade: AA, AB
Body: Creamy
Acidity: High Sweetness, Decent
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