India Urvinkhan Estate – Plantation A/B

Introducing the Urvinkhan (dense forest) Eco-Coffee Estate, which was established in the early 1800s. This estate, known for producing single-origin high grown washed Arabica coffee, is situated within the primeval forest of the Western Ghats at an elevation of 3500-4000ft. It boasts fertile black soil, a tropical climate, abundant rainfall, hilly slopes, and natural streams. Originally starting with spice cultivation, the estate transitioned to growing Arabica and Robusta coffee. It is currently owned and managed by the fourth generation of coffee planters.

Urvinkhan has consistently produced top-quality gourmet coffee since its inception, with a history of even being sold in London during the early 1900s. The estate is home to fifty to sixty-year-old plants that yield beans with exceptional flavor and aroma, satisfying even the most discerning coffee connoisseur. The ripest berries are carefully handpicked, their outer skin removed, and the beans are then subjected to a 36-hour fermentation process before being washed with natural stream water. Subsequent sun drying and manual racking every hour for a week complete the process. Notably, the coffee curing method is environmentally friendly, with water recycling to control pollution, and solid waste being repurposed as fertilizer. The estate‘s vegetation is protected by the towering canopy of ancient jungle trees, while native wildlife such as Indian gaur, deer, wild boar, peacocks, and various bird species thrive on the property.

The commitment to environmental preservation has been a cornerstone since the estate‘s inception, a tradition that persists. At Urvinkhan, their coffee isn‘t just natural and eco-friendly—it‘s a heritage handed down through generations. In Chikmagalur, coffee isn‘t merely cultivated; it‘s a way of life.

Country: India
Region: Niduvale Village, Javali
Farm: Urvinkhan Estate
Altitude: 1.100 - 1.300 masl
Owner: Sunil J Gowda.
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A smooth, round body with a bright acidity. Flavours of nuts, cereal and hints of chocolate.

cereal Nut Chocolate
Processing: washed
Grade: AB
Body: Round, Smooth
Acidity: Bright