22nd  September 2023
Open Cupping at Hoppenworth & Ploch 
Where: Frankfurt am Main

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8-10.  September 2023

The amazing journey of discovery through the world of coffee people of all ages returns to the World Heritage Capital of Coffee. With an excellent offer around coffee & co. – inform, taste and try for yourself. 

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22. + 23. + 24. September 2023 

The Frankfurt Coffee Festival 2023 is setting an example for sustainability and environmental protection by dispensing with disposable cups for the first time and introducing the FCF23 espresso cup in the deposit system instead. This way, visitors can not only enjoy their coffee, but also actively contribute to waste prevention.

Come and meet us! 


30 Mar. – 01 Apr. 2023

20-23 Apr. 2023

22-24 Sep. 2023