Our sister company NKG Quality in Zug, Switzerland, is NKG’s competence centre for the assessment of coffee quality – and they offer a huge range of sensorial or green coffee trainings for coffee newbies, interests, experts or business members.  SCA and Q-Grading courses are also coordinated – taking place in Switzerland as well as in other countries and locations.

NKG Quality´s mission is “to achieve our goals, we have developed the NKG Quality Concept. This involves deepening and sharing knowledge about coffee qualities through the introduction of rigorous standards and the training of NKG quality professionals. In this way, we contribute to NKG companies’ ability to deliver coffees that are accurate to the quality specifications of roasters. We also offer comprehensive training and services for third parties.”

Quelle: nkgquality.com

NKG Quality is the first so-called In-Country Partner (ICP) lab in Europe, representing the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) in Switzerland. This includes services like cuppers certification, certification of coffee quality and cuppers training. 

The courses range from Q-Grader training and calibration over orderable tasting sets to Arabica and Robusta Cuppings and SCA course samples, including green or roasted coffee. These products are divided into different categories and the availability depends on the clients status, for example Intermediate or Professional. Take a closer look at their range and find out what suits you best.

Visit NKG Quality Service´s website and shop and get in touch for more information. The tiles below will take you directly to the service you require.