Our commitment

Our customers rely on the safety and contractual quality of our coffee. It is our fundamental responsibility to comply with the relevant food safety laws and standards and to follow hygiene and safety regulations in all our processes. We work cooperatively with our partners and follow a continuous improvement approach to fulfil our customers’ expectations.

The purpose of these provisions is to recognise the requirements and obligations that the importer places on the supplier based on EU law (the applicable regulations are listed in Annex 1).

The attached document “NKG Supplier Conditions for Food Safety” defines our minimum requirements that we adhere to at NKG and covers the following key areas: Storage Conditions, Radiation, GMO and Allergen Labelling, Traceability, Food Defence, Food Fraud, Mineral Oil, Packaging Materials and Pesticide Residues.

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Being part of the NKG family we take responsibility today for tomorrow!