Sustainability and responsible conduct have always been integral to our work at NKG, as coffee connects us with people, communities and their natural environments all over the globe. Their health and wellbeing are fundamental for our company’s long-term success. Driven by this responsibility, our strong corporate values and the latest industry developments, we launched the NKG Responsible Business Program (RBP) in 2020. The RBP defines four focus areas and nine strategic objectives for our work, building a robust framework for our group’s sustainability efforts. 

As our business environment is constantly changing, the RBP is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that it matches with our long-term objectives and the needs of our stakeholders. For this purpose, we conducted a strategy workshop with a group of sustainability experts from different NKG companies and departments.

With our NKG Sustainability Report 2022, we would like to give you an insight into our Responsible Business Program, show where we stand today and which milestones we have achieved so far. Knowing that there is yet a long way to go on the way to an equitable and sustainable coffee industry, we are yet proud of the progress we have made.

Additionally, NKG has recently developed two new initiatives. two supply chain programs to increase traceability and compliance along the coffee supply chain – NKG Verified and NKG Supply Chain Integrity Program (NKG SCIP). While NKG Verified offers customers traceable coffees that meet their own key sustainability criteria, NKG SCIP is a program implemented to collaborate with business partners worldwide and to set effective measures for the protection of human rights along the coffee supply chain.

NKG Bloom is focused on improving farmer livelihoods. NKG Bloom is our initiative to ensure the future of green coffee supplies by offering smallholder farmers and farmer groups the opportunities and resources they need to run their farms at full potential, optimize their incomes for long-term success and enter pathways out of poverty.

Overall, the report covers developments in all four focus areas and the nine strategic objectives defined in the Responsible Business Program.

At InterAmerican Coffee, we already purchase coffees from a large number of NKG’s sustainability initiatives from 14 countries in Africa, Asia and Central and South America, the sales proceeds of which flow proportionately into the initiatives and thus the farmers themselves.

This is just a small selection of such coffees, which we will constantly expand in the future and present the initiatives behind them in more detail.