Jamaica Blue Mountain Blue Baron Estate

Farm Coffee

Nestled in a ravine of tropical splendour, bordered by meandering rivers of crystal clear waters, and perched on an incline between 2000 – 3000 feet above sea level, stands the beautiful Blue Baron Estate – a spread of 138 acres of ideal Blue Mountain land. This property which forms part of the larger Cedarhurst lands situated high up in the Buff Bay valley of Portland, has for decades produced an excellent quality Blue Mountain coffee due to the unique combination of its enriched soils and superb climate. Blue Baron Estate is owned by the Minott family of Mandeville, Jamaica – a family who are professionals in the growing and processing of coffee with an established business of over 70 years. Shaded in pristine rows and interspersed between clumps of natural tropical forest, are planted 67 acres of the world’s finest coffee. The Blue Mountains’ lingering clouds provide a natural buffer for the luscious, green coffee trees, offering shade from the sun’s unrelenting rays; the low ambient temperature and relative humidity induced by the cloud cover, contributes to the slow maturation of the coffee bean, enhancing the unique fineness of its quality. Ripe cherries are lovingly removed by teams of trained harvesters, with each tree revisited up to twenty times over the harvesting period. The harvested cherries are pulped and fermented using natural spring water to further guarantee the quality. The beans are then dried on trays, cured, hulled, sorted and then carefully inspected for quality before being packed into traditional wooden barrels for export.

Country: Jamaica
Region: Buff Bay, Portland, Blue Mountains
Farm: Blue Baron Estate
Farm Size: 56 ha (27 with coffee)
Altitude: 600 - 900 masl
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This coffee has a balanced acidity, a round body, notes of fruit and floral overtones.

Floral Fruits
Variety: Arabica
Processing: washed
Body: Round
Acidity: Balanced