Brazil Lambari Circuito das Águas

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Placed right behind the Mantiqueira hills and in an intersection with Campos das Vertentes – a transition between the Atlantic forest and the Cerrado biome – the region offers the opportunity to discover very unique cup profiles. Lambari also belongs to what is known as Circuito das Águas (Water Circuit), because of its many rivers that come down from the water springs in the Mantiqueira hills. The coffee production there relies on smallholders.

Country: Brazil
Region: Lambari
Altitude: 1.000-1.300 masl
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Floral and fruity notes, citric acidity, smooth and round body, in its various intensities and combinations is what coffee from Lambari is getting to be known for. With every bag you buy of this coffee, you support the project Casa da Criança.

Floral Fruity
Variety: Catucai, Tupi, Bourbon, Catuai, Mundo Novo
Processing: semi-washed, pulped natural, natural
Acidity: Citric
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