Uganda Bufumbo Organic Farmers Association

The Bufumbo Organic Farmers Association is an association of small holder coffee farmers in Bufumbo sub county, Mbale district eastern – Uganda.

The association was started in 1997 by seven members, by 2003 there were 103 members. In 2009 the association was complimentarily trained by the National Organic Agricultural Movement of Uganda, receiving organic certification by Ugo-Cert under CERES. In 2015 they received Fairtrade certification from FLO-CERT and subsequently their membership has increased to 653 members.

The main goal of the Bufumbo Organic Farmers Association is to improve the life of small holder farmers and micro enterprises through market orientated farming and economic sustainability programs.

Country: Uganda
Region: Mbale District
Altitude: 1.500 – 1.950 masl,.
Cooperative: Bufumbo Organic Farmers Association
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This coffee has a full body, a balanced bitterness and sweetness and flavors of chocolate & nuts.

Red Berries
Processing: washed
Body: Full, Velvety