Peru CEMCAVIR – Finca Mariposa

Cooperative Coffee

Perched in the scenic landscapes of Villa Rica, Peru, Finca Mariposa, under the stewardship of CEMCAVIR, epitomizes the fusion of quality coffee cultivation, sustainability, and cultural richness. Located in a region known for its favorable climate, the plantation embraces sustainable practices, employing organic fertilizers and responsible water management to minimize its environmental impact.

The estate’s commitment extends to promoting biodiversity, creating a vibrant ecosystem that enhances both the beauty and health of the plantation. Finca Mariposa’s dedication to quality begins with handpicking coffee cherries at their peak, followed by a meticulous blend of traditional and modern processing methods to extract the unique flavors of Peruvian coffee.

Beyond the coffee fields, the plantation serves as a hub for community engagement, supporting education and employment for local residents. Finca Mariposa stands as a symbol of Peru’s coffee legacy, inviting visitors to experience the harmony of sustainable agriculture, cultural preservation, and the rich terroir of Villa Rica.

Country: Peru
Region: Villa Rica
Farm: Finca Mariposa
Altitude: 1.680 masl.
Cooperative: Cooperative Ecologica de Mujeres Cafeteleras Villa Rica (CEMCAVIR)
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Biscuit Cherry
Variety: Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra
Processing: washed
Body: Silky
Acidity: Citric, Delicate
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