Costa Rica Palmichal La Falda

Farm Coffee

This Coffee is produced in San Ignacio de Acosta, two hours away from San José at a farm called “La Falda”. “La Falda” means skirt in Spanish and the name is due to the topography of the farm, where coffee plantations wrap around a small mountain looking like a skirt. The Owner Miguel Diaz inherited the farm from his dad recently, even though he is on his early 30’s, he has gathered the best knowledge out of the old school (his dad), and new practices recommended by engineers. Four years ago, Palmichal-Micro Mill took the decision to process La Falda Farm in its micro-mill due to its pristine location, farm practices and commitment to harvesting only the ripped cherries. After years of working together Palmichal has been able to evaluate La Falda’s consistency in its cup year after year. The idea is to continue with this long-term relationship far more into the future. Hunting is illegal in Costa Rica, however there are always people who don’t obey the laws. Miguel has a serious commitment to keep illegal hunting away from his area. At La Falda you can see a lot of animals like rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, tons of birds and more.

Country: Costa Rica
Region: Tarrazu
Farm: La Falda Yellow Honey
Farm Size: 4 ha
Altitude: 1.700 masl
Owner: Miguel Diaz Gamboa
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This coffee has a round body, a high sweetness, flavors of stone fruits and berries.

Stone Fruits Berry
Variety: Sarchimor, Villa Sarchi, Caturra, Red Catuai
Processing: natural, honey-processed
Body: Round
Palmichal-Sarchimor-Honey-3 Palmichal-Sarchimor-Honey-2 Palmichal-Sarchimor-Honey-1 Palmichal-Sarchimor-Honey-4