Honduras Fincas Mierisch Santa Lucia – Gesha

Farm Coffee

The Mierisch family has been farming coffee in Nicaragua for over 100 years. They spend their days in the high mountains of Nicaragua ’s Matagalpa and Jinotega regions. As a family-run operation, they have produced high quality shade-grown coffee on both sides of their families. Two family stories, that end in coffee farming. Long story short, in the early 1900’s Bruno Mierisch worked with his son Wilfrido on the coffee arms. Then Wilfrido worked with his boys on the coffee farms, and today his boys work with their sons and daughters on the coffee farms. Cerro Azul farm located in Honduras that has an extra-ordinary height, since due to the conditions of this farm it favors the healthy maintenance of coffee plants, which is why it is not very susceptible to diseases, even so one of the most challenging Great has been the workforce for the collection of coffee, although it is located in a community, the people who live are small producers of coffee that work in a conventional manner, and the issue of labor for the cutting of specialty coffee It has become a real challenge, which we have tried to overcome but still high cost, since the personnel for the collection task is moved from a very long distance, the collectors are trained to adapt to the differentiated cutting system, which has allowed us to obtain greater productivity and of course an excellent cup quality

Country: Honduras
Region: Siguatepeque
Farm: Santa Lucia
Farm Size: 135 ha
Altitude: 1.550 masl.
Owner: Café Azul Meambar, S.A. De C.V.
Cooperative: Fincas Mierisch
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A cup with a citric and vibrant acidity and a tealike body. Notes of bergamotte, blueberry, and coffee blossom.
Bergamot Coffee Blossom Blueberry
Variety: Geisha
Processing: hand-picked, washed