Indonesia Java Baron Took Bandung Estate

Farm Coffee

Took Bandung Coffee Estate was founded by a German and Dutch Family at the beginning of the 19th century. After second world war the Farm was taken over by PT. Redjodadi. The farm is located in the Middle of Central Java Coffee growing Area, namely Temanggung Region, situated in the elevation of 600 meter to 800 meter above sea level. Around the farm there are about 4.625 ha Coffee Farm owned by Smallholder.

Country: Indonesia
Region: Temanggung, Central Java
Farm: Took Bandung Estate
Farm Size: 138 ha
Altitude: 600 - 800 masl
Producer: PT. Redjodadi
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This coffee has a round body, a sweet, light acidity and flavors of mocca, chocolate and tobacco.

Caramel Mocca Tobacco Chocolate
Variety: 48, BGN 300, BP 358
Processing: sun-dried, hand-picked, fermented
Body: Round
Acidity: Light, Sweet
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