Costa Rica Tarrazú San Rafael

Regional Coffee

Due south of San José you will find the majestic mountains of Tarrazú. Sheltered between the Pacific Coast, the Central Valley and the high peaks of the country´s central mountain range, Tarrazú is one of the world’s most famous coffee growing regions. This magnificent area, fondly know as the Area of the Saints, is considered to yield the most superb Strictly Hard Bean coffees in Costa Rica, grown at altitudes between 1.200 to 2.000 masl.

The rich volcanic soil, the high altitude, as well as the perfect combination of sunlight, temperature, and precipitation provide the essential components to produce an exceptional coffee.

Country: Costa Rica
Region: San Marcos & San Pablo, Tarrazú
Altitude: 1.200-2.000 masl
Washing Station: Beneficio Palmichal
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This coffee has a creamy body, decent acidity and flavors of plum & chocolate.


Chocolate Plum
Variety: Catuai, Caturra
Processing: washed
Grade: SHB EP
Body: Creamy
Acidity: Decent