Indonesia Java Purbaya Preanger Estate

Farm Coffee

Java Preanger Estate was established by Dutch colonists in the 19th Century when Dutch colonization and imperialism ruled the southern area of the Province of West Java. The products were traded in large fields in Bandung area (the Capital City of West Java), named Preanger Field. Nowadays, the former trading place has been changed and developed into one of the famous hotels in Bandung, called Preanger Hotel. The coffee called Preanger Java Arabica grows around the mountainous West Java area and is traded in Preanger Field. After 1945, Indonesian Independence Day, people were more interested in growing tea instead of coffee, and they changed most of their coffee field to become tea fields. They moved their coffee fields to East Java Area where most Java coffee comes from there. Actually, Java coffee originally comes from West Java.

Country: Indonesia
Region: Pengalengan Mountain, West Java
Farm: Preanger Estate
Farm Size: 600 ha
Altitude: 1.200 - 1.600 masl
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A coffee with a very smooth body, a medium acidity and very good chocolaty aroma.

Variety: Arabica, Java
Processing: washed
Body: Smooth
Acidity: Medium