Kenya Rung´eto Karimikui – AA

Cooperative Coffee, Microlot

The factories in this society were recognised after liquidation of the famous Ngiriama co-operative society which had a lot of Assets. After liquidation Karimikui joined with Kii & Kiangoi to form Rungeto farmers’ co-operative society. The factory re-opened in 1997 for coffee processing. The Rungeto Farmer’s society operates a dairy cooling plant and collects over 120,000 litres of milk a month and is a supplier to one of Kenya’s largest dairy product companies. This helps the farmers diversify their income base. Using Fairtrade premiums, the society has also set up a fuel station. The income allows the society to cover it’s overheads thereby increasing the farmers income.

Country: Kenya
Region: Kirinyaga
Altitude: 1.700-1.800 masl
Washing Station: Karimikui Factory
Cooperative: Rungeto farmers’ co-operative society
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A coffee with citric and bright acidity and flavours of black-tea, tangerine and cassis.

Cassis Black Tea Tangerine
Variety: SL 28, SL 34
Processing: washed, sun-dried
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