Rwanda Sake Farm

Farm Coffee

Sake farm sources his coffee from sake coffee plantations with 2200 coffee farmers in Ngoma District and in total 73400 coffee trees. The Cherries reach the sake coffee washing station by bicycles, by cars or on head.
They work with associations named Twuzuzanye and Berwa Mubyeyi and women groups in the coffee sector since 1999.

Country: Rwanda
Region: Ngoma District, Eastern Province
Farm: Sake Farm
Altitude: 1.450 - 2.000 masl
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A coffee with a silky body and a sparkling, lively acidity.
Flavours of herbs, tangerine and sweetness.

Herbal Sweet Tangerine
Variety: Arabica, Bourbon
Processing: washed
Body: Silky, Smooth
Acidity: Lively, Sparkling
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