Uganda Silverback

This coffee comes from the slopes of the Mount Elgon, precisely from an area called Bulambuli. The coffee is grown by smallholders, who then sell their cherries to NKG. Ibero Uganda (NKG) has built a washing station in that area, in order to be able to produce high quality washed Arabica and Robusta. Most of the farmers selling to Ibero are part of the NKG BLOOM program. Additionally to the washing station, Ibero also has a drying yard close to Mbale town, where the coffees are dried.

The farmers are picking the cherries in the morning and then delivering them to the washing station starting from lunchtime. There, a strict quality control is being done and farmers are getting paid instantly. The coffee is then being processed as naturals or as washed. When processed as naturals, it is floated at the drying yard ad then dried for 21-28 days. If processed as washed, the coffee is pulped, and then fermented overnight. After being washed and graded, the coffee is being put in the solar driers at the washing station. After two days, the coffee is brought to the drying yard and dried for 14 to 21 days.


Country: Uganda
Region: Bugisu
Farm Size: 1,89 ha in average
Altitude: 1.250 - 1.900 masl
Producer: 8.914 small farmers
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A coffee with a pleasant pointed acidity, smooth body, red berries and some jasmin.

Red Berries Jasmine
Processing: natural
Body: Smooth
Acidity: Pleasant