Tanzania Tembo Tembo

Farm Coffee

In Tanzania, on the foothills of the Ngorongoro Crater and Mt. Oldeani, extends Tembo-Tembo, a coffee plantation in existence since 1935. The altitude located between 1850 and 1980 meters above sea level and the volcanic soils are ideal to produce a specialty grade Arabica coffee with a fine balanced cup. Tembo-Tembo, taken over by a Swiss family in 2010, no longer applies herbicides, fungicides or insecticide.
More than a hundred local employees take care of the 66.000 coffee trees, which will produce about 40 tons of precious beans. It is not uncommon to see elephants, buffaloes and antelopes criss-cross the estate through specially created animal corridors from the Ngorongoro Conservation Area on our northern boundary.

Country: Tanzania
Region: Ngorongoro, Oldeani
Farm: Tembo Tembo Coffee Estate
Altitude: 1.850 - 1.980 masl
Cooperative: Ngorongoro Coffee Group
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This coffee has a pleasant acidity, a good sweetness, a silky and round body and flavors of grapes, berries and tropical fruits.

Tropical Fruits Berry Grapes
Variety: Kent, Bourbon
Processing: sun-dried, natural, washed
Grade: PB, AA, AB
Body: Round, Silky
Acidity: Pleasant