Uganda Kaweri Coffee Plantation

Farm Coffee

In 2001, Neumann Kaffee Gruppe decided to invest in a coffee farm in Uganda, with the objective to produce a unique, washed specialty Robusta coffee. Pioneering sustainable coffee farm management, embedded in the local environment, is contributing not only to a positive economic impact in the entire region, but also leads to social and ecological advantages. Kaweri runs its own experimental department, which serves to search for even better cultivation solutions under the given pre-conditions. The Kaweri plantation lies at an altitude of 1300 m.a.s.l., similar to high-grown Arabica, resulting in a dense, hard bean. The Ugandan Robusta clones have a high inherent coffee quality potential, which is one of the reasons for the extraordinary good cup profile. Altitude, climate, shading, nutrition programs as well as good control of pests and diseases are other elements contribute to the exceptional quality of Kaweri coffee.

More about Kaweri Coffee Plantation:

Country: Uganda
Region: Mubende district
Farm: Kaweri Coffee Plantation
Farm Size: 1.570 ha
Altitude: 1.300 masl
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This coffee results in a remarkable and unique mild cup, yet full-bodied and with slight acidity. The aromatic bouquet has hints of spicy cinnamon and dark chocolate, ending with a clean finish.

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut
Variety: Erecta, Nganda
Processing: hand-picked, natural, washed
Screen Size: 18
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