Uganda Wugar Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Union

Cooperative Coffee

The Bukonzo Joint Cooperative formed in 1999 and founded to serve the poor, isolated farming communities in Bukonzo county, which, due to war, poverty, and location, have been marginalized in the past. The central focus of the Cooperative’s operations is offering sustainable financial and capacity building services to the economically disadvantaged. Bukonzo Joint is committed to improving the living standards of the rural poor, and ensuring that they are active participants in the economic, social, and political development of Bukonzo county. From its original 11 member groups, the Cooperative has grown to 72 groups. Bukonzo Joint’s activities are funded by its members, by its micro-finance revenues, and by organizations that support the Cooperative’s training and business development efforts. Each of the 72 Farming Groups operate their own Village Savings and Loans Associations, to assist their members to communicate with each other, learn from each other and to finance the growth of the infrastructure, education and standard of living of their members. The farmers are encouraged by their trainers with both graphic school room education and on farm guidance, to promote good farm husbandry and to ensure quality farming and everything that comes with it. The trainers further encouraging the farmers to graphically note their present status in terms of their financial circumstances, their assets and crops and to set annual growth goals. It is a system of encouragement that has proved to be highly successful and with most farmers steadily improving their yields and standard of living.

Country: Uganda
Region: Bukonzo County, Rwenzori Mountain Range
Altitude: 1.400 - 2.100 masl
Cooperative: Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Union
Producer: 1,753 members, 72 Farming Groups
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This coffee has a sparkling acidity, a smooth body and flavors of chocolate with hints of stone fruits.

Stone Fruits Chocolate
Variety: Nyasaland, SL14, SL28
Processing: washed
Body: Smooth
Acidity: Sparkling
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