Yemen Mocca Khulani

Farm Coffee

Khulani Coffee is one of the most famous species, and it is produced from the nurseries of Khulan Bani Amer in Saada followed by Al-Udaini due to the height of its trees (4 meters), as well as Dawaeri, which is one of the best species, because its fruits are larger and its types are many, and they are: Tuffahi, Matary, al-Hammadi, Al-Himi, Al-Burai and Al-Harazi. The farmers of Khulani coffee type when they are collected at the same time to ensure better quality and flavor of the fruit and isolate the fallen ones so that they do not affect the quality because they are usually saturated with moisture, stressing the need to dry the crop appropriately after removing the crusts. Al-Khulani coffee is grown in 6 districts of Sa’ada governorate that are concentrated in the western mountainous section of the governorate (Saqin, Haidan, Joma’ah Razih, Munabbeh, Ghamer) of high-quality varieties with a wonderful and distinct taste and cultivated in valleys and mountain terraces of the western foothills in the governorate.

Country: Yemen
Region: Saada, Khulan Amer District
Altitude: 1.400 - 2.500 masl
Cooperative: Khulani Coffee Society for Agricultural Development
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This coffee has a decent acidity in good balance with sweetness, a smooth body and flavors of berries and oak.

Berry Oak Wood
Variety: Audaini, Dawaery, Tuffahi
Processing: natural
Grade: A+
Body: Smooth
Acidity: Decent, Sweet
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