Yemen Mocca Matari

Farm Coffee

Matari – Sayhee Coffee comes from a slightly sloped deep intermountain valley in the traditional coffee growing area of Bani matar. The elevation of the Al-Sayh (the micro lot of coffee named after) valley is between 1500-1700 meter above sealevel. Subtropical climate conditions prevail in the area with a spring and summer rainfall average of 300 mm and dry fall and winter. This location coffee is of a favorable quality due to the availability of supplementary irrigation from a permanent upper valley spring. Thus, enabling farmers to control flowering time and avoiding water stress during bean development. The green coffee exporter “Pearl of Tehama” established farmer’s based collection and traceability network for collection and inspection of the Matari – Sayhee Coffee exported to many customers from 5 sub-village farms owned by 45 farmers of the area. Each sub-village (called Mahlah) farm is owned and managed by 3-18 households with holdings sizes ranging between 200-1000 trees mostly fragmented in various sizes of terraces from a few as 10 to as many as a 100 trees/plot.

Country: Yemen
Region: Al-Sayh, Bani Matar
Farm: 45 farmers
Altitude: 1.500 - 1.700 masl
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This coffee has a medium and dull acidity with medium high sweetness, a full body and flavors of wood and berries.

Wood Berry
Variety: Ismaili, Matari, Bourbon, Typica
Processing: natural
Grade: A+, Blend 80 A+, Blend 84 A+
Body: Full
Acidity: Low to Medium, Sweet
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