El Salvador Finca La Joya

Farm Kaffee

As its name describes it, this farm is a jewel in the heart of the coffee republic, in the western part of El Salvador. In the city of Apaneca, 189 Hectars of pure Bourbon is 100% grown under native shade trees, in full harmony with the environment and high degree of social responsibility. All activities at the farm are in accordance to the Rainforest Certification.

Land: El Salvador
Region: Apaneca, Ahuachapán
Farm: Finca La Joya
Farm Größe: 47 ha
Höhenlage: 1.250 masl
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This is a sweet coffee with a  juicy body and flavors of chocolate and nuts.

Nuss Schokolade
Variety: Bourbon
Processing: Gewaschen, Sonnengetrocknet
Body: Saftig
Acidity: Lieblich
Finca La Joya 01 Finca La Joya 02 Finca La Joya 03 Finca-La-Joya La Joya Estate Farm