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The family run estate is located at Mareeba, approximately 55 Kilometres to the west of Cairns in the Atherton Tablelands of northern Queensland, Australia at an elevation of about 550 – 600 metres above sea level. Today, this rural area is famous for its rodeo shows and tobacco industry. In the early twentieth century, the region has been rediscovered for its production of quality coffee but in the course of economical changes and climatic catastrophes, the cultivation was abandoned and only revived in the late 1970`s. Thanks to the highly sophisticated farming technology including an automated irrigation system, mechanical harvesting, processing and drying, the annual production of about 150 Tonnes of green bean coffee is monitored by a labour force of just 8 people.

Country: Australia
Region: Mareeba, Atherton Tablelands, Northern Queensland
Farm: Skybury Coffee
Altitude: 550 - 600 masl
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The well-known Skybury coffee has a heavy body and sweet, chocolaty flavors.

Sweet Chocolate
Variety: Bourbon, Typica
Body: Heavy
Australia Skybury Plantation Skybury Coffee_owner Ian MacLaughlin in coffee plantation Skybury Ian and Mark MacLaughlin Skybury's Australian Coffee