Colombia Pink Bourbon San Adolfo


By the time that the rust started to affect the crop production and quality in Colombia, farmers found this “Pink Bourbon” variety as a great option to have a rust resistant variety that has a greater quality in the cup and nice appearance compared to Caturra and other traditional varieties. The San Adolfo area in Huila is highly recognized for producing special coffees with exotic varieties where farmers convinced themselves to change their crops to new varieties that would bring better income for them and better recognition related to the quality.

Country: Colombia
Region: San Adolfo, Huila
Farm Size: 1 - 3 ha
Altitude: 1.800 masl
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This coffee has a smooth, juicy body, a vibrant acidity and flavors of black tea with floral notes.

Black Tea Floral
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Body: Juicy, Smooth
Acidity: Vibrant