Indonesia Java Kayumas Estate

Farm Coffee

Indonesia Java Kayumas comes from one of the four major estates in Java, the Kayumas Estate. Built in 1900, this farm has a long, rich history of producing some of the best coffee in Indonesia. It covers 725 hectares and yields approximately 350 tons of high-quality coffee per year. The farm’s main harvest is from May through July and sometimes continue through September. This coffee is carefully handpicked and goes through a washed process before it’s dried in the sun on raised beds.

Country: Indonesia
Region: Ijen Plateau, East Java Island
Farm: Kayumas Estate
Farm Size: 725 ha
Altitude: 750 - 1.550 masl
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This coffee has a bright acidity, good sweetness, delicate, smooth, green tea and fruits.

Lime Peach
Variety: Typica
Processing: washed, sun-dried
Acidity: Bright