Zimbabwe Jersey Estate

A selected top quality from a single estate, “Jersey Estate” in Zimbabwe. It’s beside mount Selinda at the edge of the Chirinda Forest. Coffee here was first out in 1955, in Eastern Zimbabwe. The coffee growing area is on the south-eastern border, on Jersey Estate which now has 162 Hectares with coffee. The estate group provides its employees with onsite housing, clinics, schools, sports grounds, and a daily cooked lunch. The soil is sandy Clay-Loam. They have an annual rainfall that is on average 1250mm, which falls mainly between November and April, but a small percentage comes from their May to July winter mists. Jersey estate in the process of implementing a new water project, this will see upon completion, a large 28 million liter holding dam at the top of ridge, positioned strategically in a position that carries higher elevation which will allow the farm to pump water during the day using solar energy, to the dam at the top of the ridge, and gravity feeds water through the microjet irrigation network at night, using little to no electricity in the process. The Estate has invested in a large scale installation of Solar energy system. This solar energy systems consists of upwards of 4,500 solar panels that have the capacity to produce on average 1.4 Mega Watts of power. The estate works very closely with the surrounding community of out-growers and small holders, it has implemented a joint venture between Jersey Estate and a neighboring farming family. All the land preparation, planting, fertilizer, workforce, irrigation, and inputs required to make this family farm a profitable venture for all the stakeholders, which are supplied by Jersey Estate.

Country: Zimbabwe
Region: Chirinda Forest
Farm: Jersey Estate
Altitude: 3.000 - 3.300 ft. asl
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This coffee has a creamy, heavy body, a tartaric acidity and flavors of berries and nuts.

Processing: washed
Grade: AA, AB
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