India Robusta – Faith Estate

Faith Group of Estates, a venerable property with a history spanning over a century, carries with it the rich legacy of British maintenance. Acquired directly from the esteemed British citizen, Mr. Conel Morris, this vast expanse of 850 acres stands as a testament to the enduring value of time-honored investments.
The year 1957 marked a momentous turning point when the ownership of this estate changed into todays, which at the time comprised 450 acres of paradisiacal Robusta coffee and 400 acres boasting a splendid variety of Arabica selections and kent cultivars. Ever since then, the cultivation of paradisiacal Robusta coffee expanded, a process requiring utmost care and dedication.
Beyond coffee, the estate boasts a harmonious interplantation of pepper vines, oranges, and sapota, creating a delightful and diverse landscape that speaks to the nurturing hand of nature‘s bounty.
Within these hallowed grounds, a close-knit community of approximately 150 steadfast laborers resides, their unwavering dedication serving as the lifeblood that sustains the estate‘s continued prosperity. In recognition of the artisanal tradition of coffee production, they have established nine meticulously tended drying yards, each a testament to the artistry of time-honored techniques.
Moreover, a network of seven grand water storage bunks has been thoughtfully incorporated, ensuring that the estate remains self-sufficient and well-equipped to nurture its thriving agricultural endeavors.
Thus, with reverence for the past and a vision for the future, Faith Group of Estates stands tall, epitomizing a profound commitment to cultivating both the land and a legacy of excellence.

Country: India
Region: Kutta, South Coorg
Altitude: 800 masl.
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A medium-bodied robusta coffee, where nutty undertones harmonize with a soothing creaminess.

Cream Nut
Variety: Paradonial, Old Robusta
Processing: Fully Washed
Body: Creamy
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