Tanzania Utengule Coffee Estate

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Utengule is a traditional village at the foot of the mighty Mbeya range at about 1400 meters above sea level, flanking the Great East African Riftvalley to the north-east. The Utengule farm was named after that village and it is no coincidence that Missionaries started coffee cultivation on the slope of these mountains at the beginning of last century. Excellent climate with warm summer and fresh winter, rich volcanic soils and good seasonal rains all favor the production of an Arabica coffee of outstanding quality.

Utengule grows traditional bourbon varieties, which are renowned for producing coffee of smooth flavor, full body and fine acidity. Due to the local climatic situation, all coffee is shaded with a variety of indigenous species as well as Grevillea and Albizzia.

Country: Tanzania
Region: Utengule, Mbeya
Farm: Utengule Coffee Estate
Farm Size: 150 ha
Altitude: 1.400 masl
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A coffee with full body and a light citric acidity.

Variety: Bourbon
Processing: picked, pulped, sun-dried, natural, washed
Body: Full
Acidity: Citric, Light
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