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Fazenda Dutra is a family run and owned coffee farm in São João do Manhuaçu, 300 kilometers inland from the east cost of Brazil. In the 1950s, Jose Dutra Sobrinho inherited a 1-hectare coffee farm that he worked and developed for more than 40 years. He embraced the 1986 price crisis as a moment to “work even harder” and intensify his passion for coffee, and he continued to purchase land and expand the farm. In September 1999, Jose passed away and left the farm to his sons Walter Cesar Dutra and Ednilson Alves Dutra, who take very seriously their responsibility to their family and their father’s legacy. They have invested in their coffee education, including attending Illy’s Coffee University, and equipped with new knowledge they have participated in competitions, won more than 80 prizes and continue to improve the quality of their coffee. Fazenda Dutra´s coffee trees are interwoven with avocado trees, and the remaining acreage is both preserved native forest and cultivated eucalyptus, which is used during the harvest period and in drying machines. The farm has 50 full-time employees, employs an additional 250 workers in the off season and provides 600 jobs during the harvest period. The full-time team includes Leonardo Rodrigues, a Q Grader in charge of the farm’s Quality program.

Land: Brazil
Region: Matas de Minas, Araponga, Minas Gerais
Farm: Fazenda Dutra
Farm Größe: 1.300 ha (850 ha with coffee)
Höhenlage: 1.000 - 1.300 masl
Produzent: Ednilson Alves Dutra & Walter Cesar Dutra
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This coffee has a smooth body, citric acidity and flavors of chocolate and caramel.

Karamel Schokolade
Varietät: Catucaí 2SL, Garnica, IBC12 Uva, India Selections 795, Oeiras, Red Catucai, Yellow Pacamara, Catiguá, Geisha, Kent, Maragogype, Red Bourbon, Red Cataui, Red Pacamara, Yellow Bourbon, Yellow Catuaí, Yellow Catucai
Verarbeitung: Natural
Grade: 14 up, NY 2/3
Körper: Sanft
Säure: Zitrushaltig
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